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Artists 4 Space Accepting Donations Through KSCEF

Artists 4 Space Accepting Donations Through KSCEF

The Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex supports this initiative and is providing classroom space as well as other resources for Artists for Space. Please join us in support of this very important program.

Artists 4 Space is an inclusive multi-faceted educational program that teaches the important techniques used to turn ideas into reality through art and design. Art has always played an important part in the development of technological advancement. This program is designed to engage people who previously thought they could not have a role in NASA and other technology initiatives. Through the program, students and other visitors to the complex see how artists have always played a key role in creating visions of the future.

Artist’s concepts inspire and inform people. Illustrations and models make highly technical subjects easier to understand. They are used in all phases of the development process from ideas on napkins, to the realization and celebration of success.

Participants are introduced to these concepts through live, on-site demonstrations by working artists that create art in various mediums. They view presentations and have the opportunity to create their own art and participate in an art show with other artists.

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Please designate your donation as, “Artists 4 Space” to help further this cause.


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